Manages and automates routine employee history tasks: personal details, skills, expertise...

The role of the HR Department has evolved from the traditional function of managing staff welfare, workplace issues and records into one with a strategic objective of harnessing skills and expertise. Dakar Personnel supports this paradigm shift with functionality open to your bespoke requirements.

The full control we exercise over the development process enables us to provide you with solutions that can be tailored to your requirements, and to support you both in your day-to-day operations as well as in the identification of functions which can be tweaked to your specific needs.

Dakar Personnel’s  main menu is fully user-definable. Layout can be modified and new fields, reports or commands created to address custom requirements. The system comes with a set of predefined reports but even these are fully customisable, and new ones can be compiled by any one of a number of report builders.

DakarHR’s inbuilt support for mail merging and query linking, together with its advanced data handling capabilities, ensures that payroll executives and financial administrators can automate routine and time-consuming office tasks, and tap the database for unexploited information patterns.

The DakarHR platform addresses critical security issues inherent to a Personnel system by enforcing security levels on data, menus, windows, fields and audit trails.

With a set of optimised algorithms and processing techniques, Dakar Payroll ensures reliability and accuracy for your data.

  • Categorisation by company, site, group, section, department and team levels
  • Absences calendar produced by selected level or individual employee
  • Easy and friendly data capture
  • Secure and comprehensive database of employee information inclusive of photograph and signature facsimile
  • Automates and streamlines disparate administrative chores
  • Inbuilt statutory employment- and termination-related reports
  • Manages benefit schemes
  • Performance management
  • Matching of skills and competences to business processes
  • Skills Gap analysis
  • Event and skills tracking
  • Career progression
  • Career and succession planning
  • Post Competency profiles
  • Equal opportunity monitoring
  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • Organisation Chart by selected level and as at past and future points in time
  • Analyses ‘what if’ scenarios in the planning of manpower
  • Full integration across all DakarHR modules
  • Interfacing with MS Office products

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