A comprehensive and fully customisable recruitment management system

Dakar Recruitment comprehensively manages your recruitment process from start to finish and is fully customisable. It goes beyond the simple recording of the recruitment process, automating wherever possible and monitoring a vacancy’s progress through its different stages, highlighting the best candidate. It returns considerable time savings and a strictly controlled recruitment process.

The principal function Dakar Recruitment performs is that of matching a vacancy with the best combination of skills, qualifications and aptitudes on its’ candidates file. The Recruitment database stores applicants’ attributes and produces scores for candidates deemed eligible for any particular vacancy. Scores are computed by assigning points to each candidate attribute, depending on how precisely it matches the relevant job requisite.

This can prove to be a lengthy and time-consuming process, especially in an environment where the workforce is fluid or growth is producing an increasingly heavier burden on HR, and Dakar Recruitment manages the process comprehensively from vacancy requisition right through to final selection of the candidate.  The entire recruitment process is managed seamlessly: vacancy publication, applications, qualifications, competences, interviewing schedules, tests, medical, progress reporting, letter generation and deadline compliance.

Moreover, the main menu is fully user-definable and its menu layout modifiable. Customised fields, reports or commands can be created to address your specific requirements. Moreover, the system comes with a set of predefined but customisable reports and new ones can be compiled by any one of a number of report builders we bundle with DakarHR.

DakarHR’s inbuilt support for mail merging and query linking, together with its advanced data handling capabilities, ensures that recruitment executives can automate routine and time-consuming office tasks, and tap the database for unexploited information patterns.

The DakarHR platform addresses critical security issues inherent to a recruitment system by enforcing security levels on data, menus, windows, fields and audit trails.

  • Recruitment campaign and vacancy management
  • Matching of CVs against vacancies
  • Manages vacancy requisitions
  • Monitors the recruitment process on a stage-by-stage basis
  • Monitors expense and measures campaign effectiveness
  • Reports on vacancy and candidate progress
  • Equal opportunity monitoring
  • Interview scheduling, coordination and tracking
  • Automated conversion of selected applicants into Dakar Payroll employees
  • Contract generation
  • Report generation tools
  • Full integration across all DakarHR modules
  • Interfacing with MS Office products 

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