Hand Palm Reader

This tool serve to eliminate fraudulent buddy punching and the cost of creating and administering badges, as with other Time & Attendance terminals and readers.

Biometric technology brings accuracy and convenience to hand punch terminals.

Hand punch terminals have proven to be a practical and precise solution designed to improve attendance using geometry hand biometric technology.

The terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the employee’s hand on contact. Hand size and shape verify the individual’s identity with unparalleled accuracy. Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch, ruling out the risk of fraudulent punching in.

hand palm reader


Reduces time theft and improves payroll accuracy

Identity verification in less than a second

Transmission of data to Time and Attendance host PC via a variety of methods including direct wiring, ethernet and modem

Interfaces easily with existing access control security systems & employee time recording

Maintains verification accuracy, even with dirty, cut, scarred, aged, wet and dry hands

Dimensions: Wide: 22.3 cm, High: 29.6 cm, Deep: 21.7 cm

Verification Time: less than 1 second

Enrolment Time: less than 5 second

Memory Retention: up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery

Power: 12-24V DC or 12-24V AC @ 50/60 Hz

Transaction Buffer: 5187 transactions

Weight: 6 lbs

dakar software systems' hand palm reader

Operational UPS battery backup

High-speed internal modem

Ethernet communications module

Memory expansion to 9,728 users

Memory expansion to 32,512 users

Data converter

Auxiliary keypad

HID proximity reader