A Solutions Company

Dakar Software Systems is a wholly owned Maltese company comprised of talented and dedicated professionals who provide solutions for your Human Resources and People Management software requirements.

Our company provides HR and People Management solutions to meet your company’s changing needs and builds long-term strategic partnerships with you – the customer.  We do this by learning your business structure, processes and practices.  Our trained professionals will provide you with the best business solutions to meet your human resources needs.

Dakar Software Systems is not just committed to delivering functional HR products.  More importantly, we are committed to delivering proven and reliable total HR solutions to each of our clients; solutions that are scalable to cater for your company’s growth; solutions that function within a multi-dimensional environment, solutions that will take your company where it needs to be…..on the web. 

Dakar HR is a Total HR Solution

A glance through our Software Product Range instantly shows that Dakar HR is a fully integrated, yet modular, total Human Resources and People Management software solution.  Each module interacts with other modules to bring to the market a fully integrated and automated HR system.

Dakar HR is a Modular Solution

Dakar HR is a modular solution that is characterized by the functional partitioning into discrete modules consisting of isolated, self-contained functional elements.

By having a modular structure, new features of the software can be activated for immediate use without interrupting your operations.  Acquiring new modules is easy and will allow your operations to be even more automated.  No duplication of data is needed as all modules access one and the same database.

Dakar HR scalability means that the Dakar HR system grows with your changing HR needs. 

Dakar HR is a Web Solution

The uniqueness of any web application is that it can be accessed through the Web or through an Intranet network.  This allows you to maintain and update the Dakar HR applications from a central source, instead of having to install the software or upgrading it from hundreds of user computers.  This reduces your support costs and also increases productivity.

All Dakar products are now web based.

Dakar HR is a  Multi-Dimensional Solution

The concept of dimension is not restricted to physical objects.  Dakar is a multi-dimensional solution because it can cater for a different number of dimensions depending upon each client’s individual needs. 

Dakar is multi-dimensional because it can handle:

  • Multi-Companies

  • Multi-Sites

  • Multi-Languages

  • Multi-Currencies

Dakar HR is a Proven and Reliable Solution

A glance through our selected client list speaks for itself.  Dakar Software Systems is a provider to a list of companies, enterprises, institutions and organizations of unparalleled prestige, further confirming the popularity of our products both locally and overseas.

Such a prestigious list of clients would not have been possible were it not for a proven and reliable product and service that Dakar Software Systems has brought to the market.