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Dakar Software Systems’ suite of fully-integrated software modules is designed to facilitate Human Resource and Payroll processes locally and overseas. All Dakar software products cater for single and multi-entity organisations and can be deployed on-premise as well as hosted on the cloud.

Built-in flexibility is the reason why companies choose Dakar. We have a long proud history of working with organisations across all industries, including hospitality, health, banking and finance, gaming, retail, other corporate & manufacturing companies and the entire Maltese government.


Dakar Payroll is a fully user-definable package, offering functionality far beyond the conventional. Over 155,000 employees are presently paid by Dakar Payroll. Check payroll workings with powerful reporting tools, generate SEPA payments, deliver payslips via email, calculate your payroll from net to gross, manage pensions schemes,  integrate with accounting systems and easily issue all Government statutory reports.

Payroll - Dakar Software Systems


Dakar Personnel lets you manage the most important element of the organisation — your people. Efficiently keep track of information from career progression, contracts, references, permits, health and safety schemes, insurances, equipment and assets, skills, qualifications, education, awards, disciplinary actions and more through a user-friendly interface. The Dakar personnel system enables improvement in all traditional processes by automating tasks and enhancing strategic decision-making.

Personnel - Dakar Software Systems


Dakar Absence Management is an easy-to-use system designed to monitor, track, analyse and manage all types of absences from any location. It is the perfect green alternative for a paper-based leave system, reducing the costs and time needed to manage absences.

Communication that runs like a dream. Employees book and monitor their own leave though the module and authorisers are automatically notified by email. They have the freedom to review, approve or reject the leave requests when convenient. Employees can perform these tasks from home or elsewhere via mobile phone. Quick sickness reporting is one of the many tasks handled by the Dakar Absence Management designed to keep everyone who needs to know in the loop. 

Absence Management - Dakar Software Systems


Streamline and automate to free up time for yourself. Dakar Time and Attendance specialises in workforce attendance. Integration with attendance verification hardware, together with detailed information about shifts and schedules, allows automatic computation of overtime and lateness. It is most effective when used in conjunction with the Dakar Personnel (HR) and Payroll systems and links with Dakar’s mobile punching module.

Geofencing for precision clocking in. The punching module is a mobile native application, available for Android and iOS. It enables geofencing of specific locations where employees can punch in via their mobile devices when they are due at specific predefined locations.

Time & Attendance - Dakar Software Systems


For companies with employees working a range of shifts, schedules and rosters, Dakar’s Rostering and Scheduling module is the essential tool. This module generates accurate employee attendance information, facilitating managers in their goal to keep posts covered. Its user-friendly interface enables employees and managers to view schedules, view upcoming rosters and have access to all the related roster information.

This module is tightly integrated with the Dakar Time and Attendance system.

Rostering - Dakar Software Systems


Popular among tele-workers, this new app allows employees to punch in/out or simply view their completed clockings from outside the office.

The system will automatically send back an email to the employee once the manager has authorised, rejected or changed the clocking time of that employee.

online Clockings App - Dakar Software Systems


Training your people just got easier. The Dakar Training module manages your training requirements with attention to detail. It empowers HR managers to analyse and nurture their teams’ skills and talents, whether in-house or outsourced. The module ensures that training administrators can automate routine and time-consuming queries and related correspondence. Dakar’s Training module provides the functionality for your career development framework by tracking employee progress through every level of competence assigned to their profile.

Dakar does Training Management


The Dakar Recruitment module, allows you to effectively manage your recruitment process from start to finish. The system automates matching a vacancy with the best combination of skills, qualifications and aptitudes on its’ candidates file. The system stores applicants’ attributes and produces scores for candidates deemed eligible for any particular vacancy. The entire recruitment process is managed seamlessly: vacancy publication, applications, qualifications, competences, interviewing schedules, tests, medical, progress reporting, and deadline compliance.

Recruitment - Dakar Software Systems


Design and customise performance reviews with Dakar’s Performance Appraisals module, our management tool that handles performance reviews from start to finish. It incorporates succession and career planning and monitors individual progress towards stated goals. Configure performance appraisal content, layout and workflow for different employees within the company.

Performance Appraisals - Dakar Software Systems


The Dakar Employee Portal is a gateway for a company’s employees to access Payroll and HR-related information about themselves and their company. The portal is dynamic and interactive and designed to streamline and centralise information to empower employees to have easy access to their information and related functions. Via the portal employees can plan their leave, report sick, view their pay-slips and Fs3’s of multiple years, punch-in and out for work, view and manage their documents, apply for reimbursement of expenses (which once approved automaitcally updates the Dakar Payroll), interact and organize events with colleagues using the Portals built-in tools. All this functionality provided to each specific employee is user-defined and can be customized internally by the HR administrators.

Employee Portal - Dakar Software Systems


The Dakar Dashboards and Reporting tools lets you visualize your data at a glance. Dashboards are designed to provide management with comprehensive information such as Key Performance Indicators, which are quantifiable measurements which reflect the critical success factors of a company. The Dakar Dashboards and Reporting tools empower management to view critical data without the need to delve into the tons of detailed data in order to derive required statistics.

Reporting- Dakar Software Systems