Performance Appraisals

The Performance Appraisal system helps you to monitor progress towards agreed goals and identify groups that require special attention or training.

Efficient and effective. The Dakar Performance Appraisal system allows you to manage employee talent and performance.  Design and customise performance reviews, succession and career plans.

Do things your way. The application is so versatile that you can tailor web-based performance appraisal templates for different groups or classes of employees.

Collaboration and control. Participants in the appraisal can collaborate to complete it together and exchange comments throughout the process. Together they can establish performance objectives, key result areas and value weightings.

Dakar Performance Appraisal


Easy to create and customise performance appraisal templates by department, section, group , class of employees, or individual employee

Choose to include a 'confirming appraiser' as part of the appraisal chain

Choice of multiple appraisers and/or confirming appraisers

Option to vary appraisal times: start of year, interim and year-end

Define unlimited number of key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives, goals

Customisable scoring features

Customisable workflow via email notification

Development plans and training objectives