Our fingerprint readers, multi-bio identification, hand readers and RFID proximity scanners give you high quality access control and attendance verification. All hardware supplied by Dakar integrates perfectly with the entire suite of modules.

Contactless Palm Recognition

Advanced biometric technology stores the unique geometry of each employee’s face, palm or fingerprint in a template. This template is later used to identify that employee. No face, fingerprint and palm prints/photos are used. The employee simply places a hand/face near the reader and is verified instantly.

Contactless Palm Recognition

Multi Bio Identification Device

A new generation of multiple biometric identification devices, these work as attendance and access control terminals using face and fingerprint verification, PIN recognition and RFID.

Hand Palm Reader

Advanced biometric technology stores the unique geometry of each employee’s hand in a template. This template is later used to identify that employee. No fingerprint and palm prints are used. The employee simply types an ID number and places a hand on the reader and is verified instantly.

hand palm reader
Face recognition

Face Scanner

Facial recognition has become increasingly popular as a source of ID verification using a digital image or video frame. The technology can authenticate quickly and easily and is becoming increasingly cost-effective as part of a security strategy.

Fingerprint Reader

Finger reader technology eliminates the cost of lost cards and prevents buddy punching. These readers identify each employee using a unique digital finger template.

iClock680 Fingerprint reader
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