Dakar software Absence Management App

Absence Management

Native Mobile App


This is the smartest way to organise, book and store absences. Whether your employees want to request annual leave or let you know they’ll be off sick for the day, they can do so instantly and wherever they are.


An in-built calendar and review workflow allow employees to ask for leave and keep track of their holiday and sick allowance. All within a few clicks.


The app is easy to use, fast and intuitive. Empower employees with their own data while sticking to data protection laws within high levels of online security.

A transparent, user-friendly and error-free way to keep accurate records of where your team will be when, this is the best way to manage annual leave.

Book leave fast, anywhere

All your data in one place

Track employees and absence

Review leave requests

Instant notifications

Simple, easy to use, intuitive

Be guided through the process

Available on iOS from the app store and on Android from Google Play