The strength of Dakar Recruitment™ is in its ability to be customised. We know how labour-intensive and time-consuming the hiring process is, how repetitive the tasks and the sheer volume of information involved.

But we also know how different organisations are from each other and how a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. Dakar Software has designed a sophisticated recruitment tool that fit your organisation perfectly.


It is dynamic, allowing you to re-create the unique processes and workflows within your organisation. It is the top recruitment tool if you want to have complete, secure control over your data.


It has powerful in-built capabilities to process, store and analyse behind the scenes while keeping your people and candidates organised and in the loop.


It organises for you, with automatic notifications, bulk processing abilities and the flexibility you need for the changing circumstances that life is famous for.

Dakar Software’s Recruitment System is powerful talent acquisition software that makes the hiring process easy. The system offers the most advanced automation features in the industry to help automate and streamline recruitment tasks, applicant tracking, scheduling, emails and interview organisation. It removes the need to carry out repetitive manual tasks and provides a more organised and dynamic way to handle your recruitment needs. It is the smart, efficient and intelligent way to manage your recruitment process.

HR can find itself bogged down in admin when the workforce is fluid or the company is growing fast. Dakar Recruitment takes away the pain by managing the process comprehensively from vacancy creation through to final candidate selection.

The main menu is fully user-definable and its menu layout modifiable. Customised fields, reports or commands can be created to address your unique needs. The system comes with a set of predefined but customisable reports and new ones can be compiled by any one of a number of report builders we bundle with DakarHR.

Making HR easier. DakarHR’s in-built support for mail merging and query linking, together with its advanced data handling capabilities, ensures that recruitment executives can automate routine and time-consuming office tasks and tap the database for unexploited information patterns.

Security is key. The DakarHR platform addresses critical security issues inherent to a recruitment system by enforcing security levels on data, menus, windows, fields and audit trails.

dakar software recruitment example

The Dakar Recruitment tool gives you complete control over the hiring process from the ground up.
The special features of this tool:

Automation of recruitment tasks like applicant tracking, scheduling, emails and interview organisation.

Insight. Its reporting capabilities are vast, giving you insight on candidates, vacancies and interview hiring processes that would otherwise remain untapped.

Fully customisable to your needs and preferences.

Cross-usability on multiple devices such as tablets, laptops and desktops

Control the hiring process for multiple entities with a single login

User definition and limitation. Each entity has its own users with defined access and control functions

GDPR features protect candidate data security

Security layer protects your data

Import data using CSV or PDF formats

Easy dynamic page set-up according to what you need candidates to see

Organise groups of candidates using the pipeline system to shift them round your recruitment process and carry out bulk actions

Control information that people see with defined lists of external or internal candidates

Questionnaire set-up for candidates to complete before or during the hiring process

Set up interview boards eligibility filters and headship positions spanning multiple posts.

Report on any aspect of the hiring process

This portal allows candidates online access to your vacancy listings. Using their mobile phone or tablet, candidates can:

register and create their own profile

upload their CV and any certificates

look for opportunities they are interested in

apply instantly

The Dakar Recruitment tool’s carrier site is intuitive, easy to use and facilitates communications between you and your candidates. The tool can:

Message candidates instantly

Notify them electronically

Invite them to interview or take a test

Assist in rescheduling appointments

Store everything from data and documents to preferences appointments

Operate securely and in line with GDPR

Communicate in any language

Reflect your brand

Connect with your candidates on the move with the Dakar Recruitment™ native mobile app.