Personnel (HR)

The Dakar Online Personnel module helps you manage your HR data from individual work stations using a web browser, making it easier than ever to keep your information up-to-date at all times. It reduces costs, saves time and aligns your HR efforts with the rest of the organisation.

The Dakar Online Personnel module integrates seamlessly with the back end of the Dakar Personnel Windows ® application so that any changes made in the front end are immediately reflected in the back end, and vice versa.

Dakar Online Personnel has a detailed and extensive standard reporting section to provide users with reports that can be exported to PDF, XLS, DOC or RTF format. The following are some of the standard reports in the system:


Probation Expiry Report

Work Permit Expiry Report

Expired Employee Contracts

Employee Contracts Due to Expire in 60 Days

Retirement Reports

Employees Retiring in 1 Year's Time

Employees Retiring in 5 Years' Time

Employees Retiring in 10 Years' Time

Workforce Reports

Headcount Report

Headcount by Age vs Department

Current Workforce Average Age


Current Job Titles by Department or by Section

Employee Posts and Reporting-To Posts

Reporting To Organisation Structure

Current Employee Contract Detail

Payroll Reports

Total and Average Salaries by Department

Salaries by Age/Department

Payroll Analysis

Employee Hourly Rate


Warnings by Department/Sub-Department

Current Staff General Information

Employee Health Schemes

Employee Benefits

Items on Loan

Employee Contact Details by Department

Birthdays This Month

Birthdays Next Month

Employees' Children

Incomplete Data Records

Employee Records with Incomplete Data

Termination and Engagements

FT and PT Employee Movements (Engagements and Terminations)

FT Employee Movements (Engagements and Terminations)

PT Employee Movements (Engagements and Terminations)


1st Year Staff Turnover

Employee Retention Rate

Company Global Statistics

Company HR Statistics (Detailed)

Company HR Statistics (Summary)

Our document management tool improves efficiency in your HR department by retaining documents electronically. Personal employee information is stored in an electronic repository for quick and easy access. Every CV, cover letter, internal memo, employee review, medical record and any other document is traceable and easy to maintain.

This tool allows you to link documents to specific individual transactions, such as an internal memo authorising a salary increase for a particular employee.
The Dakar Online Personnel module comes with an online organisation chart viewer. Quickly view yours as a tree-based structure, showing employee photos, current posts and any vacant posts. Know who reports to whom and their roles.


15 levels of organisation structure

Organisation chart displaying reporting lines

Career progression

Salary progression

Document management system

Various HR reports





Previous employment



Work permits


Health schemes

Health and safety equipment





Skills gap analysis

Integration with all Dakar modules

Many other features