Recruitment Notification

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The strength of Dakar Recruitment™ is in its ability to be customised. We know how labour-intensive and time-consuming the hiring process is, how repetitive the tasks and the sheer volume of information involved.

But we also know how different organisations are from each other and how a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. Dakar Software has designed a sophisticated recruitment tool that fit your organisation perfectly.


It is dynamic, allowing you to re-create the unique processes and workflows within your organisation. It is the top recruitment tool if you want to have complete, secure control over your data.


It has powerful in-built capabilities to process, store and analyse behind the scenes while keeping your people and candidates organised and in the loop.


It organises for you, with automatic notifications, bulk processing abilities and the flexibility you need for the changing circumstances that life is famous for.

Dakar’s punch module allows users to only punch in and out from their assigned locations and at their shift times. The panel enables the creation and assignation of geofences. At the other end, users log in to Dakar’s punch mobile application to punch in and out of the assigned locations.

Recruitment – Admin Panel Key Features

Recruitment campaign and vacancy management

Matching of CVs against vacancies

Manages vacancy requisitions

Monitors the recruitment process on a stage-by-stage basis

Monitors expense and measures campaign effectiveness

Reports on vacancy and candidate progress

Equal opportunity monitoring

Interview scheduling, coordination and tracking

Automated conversion of selected applicants into Dakar Payroll employees

Contract generation

Report generation tools

Full integration across all DakarHR modules