Absence Management

The Absence Management system makes it easy to monitor, track, analyse and manage all types of absence from the office, home or remotely.

Employees can apply for leave without moving away from their desk. The system has the flexibility to allow staff to book their absences from the comfort of their home or elsewhere remotely.

More than just an absence management system, it helps plan annual leave. It allows all employees to view each other’s absences before booking time off, avoiding gaps in cover.

Cut the data any which way. Using Dakar’s library of absence reports, administrators can report on important trends like sickness abuse, high absence days and sickness at weekends. There is even a report to compute the Bradford Factor, which calculates levels of absenteeism. It is designed around the principal that short repeat absences have a greater operational impact than less frequent long-term sickness.

Dakar Absence Management

The following are some of the standard reports found in the Dakar Online Absence Management module:

Consumed Leave To-Date (by Absence type) in Hours/€

Monthly Absences Report (Detailed by Absence Type/Department)

Monthly Absences Report (Summary by Absence Type/Department)

Monthly Absences Report (Detailed by Department/Absence Type)

Monthly Absences Report (Summary by Department/Absence Type)

Paid Leave Consumed/Remaining Departmental Ratios

Cost of Sick Leave Taken this Year

Sick Leave at Weekends

Top 10 Sick Leave at Weekends

Bradford Factor


Web-based absence management

Vacation leave planning

Leave booking online

Automatic emailing of leave application to authoriser

Automatic emailing of approval or rejection back to applicant

Managers' weekly departmental view

Managers' monthly departmental view

Absence accruals