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Dashboards & Reporting

The Dakar Online Dashboards is an add-on module that enables you to consolidate HR information from different sources, and spot trends that might not otherwise be readily apparent.  You can also personalize your view to organize information the way you want it.  Your personalized dashboard can contain one or more graphs or tables of information in any size or chart format (eg. Pie, Line, Bar, etc.)

With the Dakar Online Dashboards, managers have key information available at their fingertips, anywhere, in charts, tables or reports format. Dashboards are user definable and manager specific to enable managers view the information that is most meaningful to them. Whilst the CEO might want to monitor total monthly payroll costs, department heads might wish to monitor monthly overtime in hours, and HR Department might wish to monitor headcount in each department by employment type.

Customizable HR Management information for every manager

Graphs/tables/reports online

Print reports online