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Time & Attendance

The Dakar Time & Attendance (T&A) module offers versatility. It caters for unlimited scenarios and user-defined parameter sets. We can provide you with completely tailored solutions, even for the most installation-specific shift definitions and arrangements.

The main menu is fully user-definable, its layout modifiable and customised fields, reports or commands can be added to the system. A set of predefined but customisable views and reports are deployed with the system, and new ones can be generated with any number of report builders.

Dakar T & A interfaces with the full range of biometric and other recognition systems on the market – hand readers, fingerprint systems, proximity sensors, swipe cards, iris scanners, facial recognition, phone-punch, web-punch, PC-punch, legacy time clock, telephone voice response and wireless devices.

Monitoring lateness is easy. Raw clockings imported from any of these devices are converted into predefined punch occurrences according to the shift definition the employee has been assigned. T&A’s daily clockings’ utility filters out errors and performs automatic corrections based upon assigned shift definitions, with inaccuracies flagged for manual adjustment where the definition is not sufficiently clear-cut for automated modification.

Our T&A module identifies and flags overtime, breaks and unpaid hours and public holidays, non-standard working days and night shifts that overlap into a second calendar day. One of the simplest examples of T&A’s innate flexibility is in the rounding of punch-ins according to preset grace or penalty periods.

Time & Attendance also addresses security issues comprehensively, with security applied to data, menus, windows, fields and audit trails. Optimised algorithms and processing techniques ensure reliability and accuracy.

With full flexibility configuration and planning tools at your fingertips, Dakar T&A transforms the payroll function with significant contributions to automation, timeliness and accuracy.

Computation of any payroll frequency – monthly, four-weekly, fortnightly or weekly

Easy and user-friendly data capture

Production of mandatory Inland Revenue and Social Security reports

In-depth custom-built reports and queries

Handling of complex work patterns and schedules

Printing of payslips and paycheques, or carrying out of SEPA payments

Inbuilt cheque and payslip formatting capabilities for the design of customised formats

Scalability allowing for unlimited number of companies, employees and customisable allowance types

Custom-built pay computations allowing for complex what if scenarios

Comprehensive costing and budget tracking tools

Comparative multiple-year analysis

Multi-currency and multi-lingual

Multiple bank account management

Provides for fringe benefits, employee loans, tax arrears, cash advances and alimony

Integration across all Dakar modules

Interfacing with MS Office products and other third-party accounting packages