“We have been using the Arabic version of the Dakar Payroll system since 2001.  The system caters fully for the Libyan payroll system in both the Arabic and English languages and completely satisfies our operational and legal requirements.  We enjoy an excellent relationship with Dakar and its support team, which we find to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the Libyan payroll system.”

Ismael Millad Erhimat
IT Manager
Agip Oil Libya



"The business relationship that we have managed to build with Dakar Software Systems and their staff is of a high standard.  We are given professional support and backup whenever these are called for."

Luciano Anastasi
Head IT
APS Bank Ltd.



"We have been working with Dakar Software Systems since 2008 and have fully integrated Dakar Payroll, Dakar Personnel and Dakar Time & Attendance online systems. We have always worked closely with Dakar and have also had the systems and a number of reports customised to our particular setup. We recommend Dakar as a fully comprehensive system with an excellent support service."

Jackie Attard Montalto
Manager - Marketing and HR
Atlas Insurance PCC Limited



‘We have been using Dakar Software since 2008 and experienced a huge difference considering we previously made use of a MsDOS based payroll system before. Despite this, the transition from our old system to the new Dakar windows product was a very smooth process. Dakar software is a very user friendly, comprehensive & reliable payroll system and their customer service provided by the support team is exceptional.’

Ian Gouder
Senior Accounts Executive
Bortex Group



"BOV's business relationship with Dakar has grown since 2006.  The Dakar Payroll and HR systems are very reliable and when issuing ad hoc reports, very relevant information is available for analysis and decision making."

Ray Debattista
Senior Manager Human Resources
Bank of Valletta plc



"Dakar Software Systems is an exceptional provider of Payroll and HR Systems. Dedicated Micros (Malta) Ltd have been using the Dakar Payroll and HR modules effectively since 2003. The systems make the complicated process of calculating payroll and paying payroll taxes, direct deposits, regulatory compliance and all HR related functions extremely simple and affordable."

Christine Bonavia
Dedicated Micros (Malta) Limited



“We have been using Dakar since 2003 to cater for all our payroll and HR needs.  We are very pleased that the Dakar system has satisfied all our requirements in these areas.  The product is robust and extremely versatile.  We have an excellent relationship with Dakar personnel, which is why we look forward to further consolidating this relationship with them for many years to come.”

Tarek Ramadan El Azabi
IT Manager
ENI Gas Libya




"We have been using Dakar Software System’s payroll software for both our numerous clients and for internal purposes since 1997. The software provided by Dakar is extremely powerful, easy-to-use and caters for all our payroll clients’ diverse requirements. Moreover, we have always found Dakar’s level of service to be timely and extremely impeccable. We never hesitate to recommend Dakar Software Systems."

John Gatt
Finco Trust Services Limited



"Dakar Software Systems has been our payroll software provider since 2003. We have also implemented the Dakar Time & Attendance module which has been adapted according to our requirements. The Dakar products are efficient not only for computing the payroll but also for issuing various reports and for quick access to employee information. The Dakar Support Staff are very professional and have always been prompt in resolving our queries."

Sarah Grixti
Group HR Officer
Gasan Group of Companies



"Our business relationship with Dakar dates back to 1999 and we are pleased to say that we managed to build a strong business rapport.  We have implemented most of the modules provided by Dakar which enable us as HR team to maintain a historic database of our workforce in terms of career progression, payroll and conditions of work; automated processes which facilitate the day-to-day needs of employees; and easy access to team data for management to manage their operational requirements."





Josephine Grima
Senior Manager HR Operations
GO plc



“We have been using the Dakar Systems since 2011. During this time, Dakar have managed to understand the complexities and divergences necessary for the payment of all salaries and stipends paid through the Government payroll, and present them effectively within their software products.  They have also managed to streamline all the Government’s complex payroll operations.”

Espedito Grech
Director, HR Management Systems

Office of the Prime Minister



“We have been using the Dakar Payroll Software system since 2003 and we have experienced a very highly efficient and reliable product, backed by a very professional and consistent support team.”

Warren Grech
HR & ICT Manager

Gozo Channel Company Limited



"We have been working with Dakar Software since 2001, where we have seen the product mature and improve year on year.  Dakar adapted efficiently to both the Group's exigencies as well as to tax legislation ongoing changes.  Support is always a call away while David is always promptly available when the need arises."

Ian Briffa
Group Technical Manager
Island Hotels Group



"Malta Freeport Terminals is proud that it opted for the Dakar Windows Payroll as it is a valuable tool which is providing the Freeport with various efficient services which are in line with our requirements. Malta Freeport Terminals is indeed satisfied with the quality and professionalism of Dakar."

Jesmond Baldacchino
ICT/IS Manager
Malta Freeport Terminals Limited




"We have been using Dakar software system products since 1995, starting from the original Dakar DOS payroll system.  Over the years as our company expanded we started to make use of the Dakar Windows personnel and payroll modules; with the subsequent addition of the Time and Attendance and the Overtime Authorisation modules and more recently the Dakar Web-based Dakinet modules. Our relationship with the Dakar support team has always been extremely professional. They offer a very prompt and a great customer service and support."

Stefania Camilleri
Head Human Resources
MaltaPost p.l.c.




"We have been using the Payroll / HR Dakar software since 2007 and we would recommend the system. The ability of Dakar Payroll / HR system to be customized to meet our specific business needs is invaluable. The system integrated seamlessly  with other accounting software used within the company which saves us valuable time throughout the year.  Their knowledgeable and helpful staff keeps us, as their client, at ease with our day to day needs, such as when it comes to;  upgrades, submission of government reports and updates to legislation changes."


Eleanor Sacco
HR Executive
Melita plc



"We have been using Dakar Software Systems since 2003 and have since been implementing a variety of new HR related modules to help us to better manage our HR time and resources.  The ease of access for employees’ daily requirements when using Dakar Software is very efficient; it has improved both our processes and also our time management.  In view of this, I encourage any organisation looking to improve its Payroll and HR resources, to implement the Dakar Software System within their company."

Janice-Kay Mamo
Junior HR Executive
Middlesea Insurance plc


"We have been using Dakar since 2010 to cater for all our HR requirements.  We find Dakar staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Besides the Payroll system, the Time and Attendance system is very user friendly and satisfies our daily needs and required reporting. Dakar staff provide an excellent customer service whenever the need arises. Due to their extensive experience and expertise, Dakar have been able to consistently provide us with an efficient and reliable product."

Silvana Sant' Angelo
Senior Executive HR & Corporate Services

MSV Life



"We have been using Dakar Software Systems products since 2003, we have always been pleased with the prompt and complete service provided. I have always had kind, helpful service and each issue has always been tackled with care, integrity and professionalism. I would recommend Dakar Software Systems and their great staff to anyone in the industry. They are always willing to go that extra mile to find the best value, and give the best solutions to fit our needs. Special thanks to David Schranz who is always flexible to our needs in a very difficult industry like ours. "

Marlon Galea
Payroll Manager/HR Administrator

Polidano Group

"An organisation’s success depends on how well it collects, processes and uses strategic information and data. We have been working with Dakar Software Systems since 2008 and through their comprehensive, integrated Payroll, Time and Attendance and Human Resources modules, we are able to analyse and process valuable employee data, which helps us when making our strategic decisions."

Matthew Naudi
Group Human Resources Manager

Times of Malta



"We have been using Dakar HR & Payroll systems since 2000 and our business relationship with Dakar Software Systems & their support team has grown stronger during the years. We have found the system to be extremely user friendly and has been a great tool that has improved efficiency and effectiveness within the HR function and enabled quality HR decision making."



Nadia Briffa
HR Senior Executive
Vodafone Malta Limited