About Dakar

Dakar Software Systems began operating officially in 1994 when David Schranz, founder, CEO and Chief Software Architect , registered the company as a limited liability company in Malta. It was the beginning of what, years down the line, would be Malta's leading software house specializing in  people management solutions.  In fact, for many years, Dakar has been, and is considered to be the de facto standard of human resources software in Malta.

Now in its 20th year of operation, Dakar Software Systems has a team of 20 persons who are all fully qualified in the IT sector, dedicated to offering specialized support services to its clients which today number more than 1,600 companies in Malta and abroad.  All Dakar software products are designed, developed, marketed and supported by the company.

Over the years the company has invested heavily in technology, staff welfare and development, and infrastructure because it is our philosophy that each of these plays an important role in maximizing our product and service.

Technology - our customers' changing needs define our technology road map . Today Dakar takes you where you need to be ... on the web. All our software products are now web-based, enabling employees to serve themselves (SaaS - Software as a Service) to a range of HR tasks, such as the printing of payslips, viewing and editing personal information in the central HR database, updating qualifications and certifications, applying for vacation leave, keeping track of overtime hours and overtime banked hours, as well as many other tasks which traditionally have always been the domain of the HR Department.

Staff Welfare and Development - These two factors are constantly at the forefront of the company's personnel strategies.  We believe that a company like ours, working in a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving market, needs dedicated and well trained staff that will help the company achieve its most important strategic goal of maximizing customer satisfaction . We would not be able to achieve this were it not for our dedicated staff.  It is our ongoing policy to ensure that our staff have the right motivational attributes to enable them provide quality service, as our customers expect from us, providing our staff with a work culture that fosters trust, challenge, personal commitment, high employee morale, and ultimately the financial recognition in the form of competitive salaries and other attractive incentive schemes.

Infrastructure - Extensive construction, infrastructural and renovation works at our offices in St. Julian's are now nearing completion.  We should be moving into our new offices early in the second quarter of 2014.  Once again it is our philosophy that a comfortable and attractive office environment coupled with the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology will benefit our employees.  We feel that ultimately, this should translate into a more effective and efficient service for the benefit of our customers.