Employee GeoPunch

Native Mobile App


Dakar's Punch application ensures users can login from the assigned location at the right time. Easy for admins to trace off-site employees.


Admins create geofences and assign employees to them. The GeoFences restrict who can punch in and out of them.


Dakar Punch keeps record of users who have punched in and out and is super easy to use. If employees forget, they can make a separate request for admin approval.

Dakar’s Punch module only allows users to punch in and out from their assigned locations and at their shift times. The panel enables the creation and assignation of geofences. At the other end, users log in to Dakar’s Punch mobile application to punch in and out of the assigned locations.

Dakar Punch – Admin Panel Key Features

  • Create geofences and assign to employees
  • Manage employees
  • Create employee schedules
  • Integrates with Dakar’s modules

Dakar Punch – Mobile App Key Features

  • Users use a single device. Once logged in, no-one can use the same account elsewhere.
  • Users must register one device which cannot be shared
  • View schedules
  • Geofences restrict where users can punch in and out of
  • Manual requests to punch in and out of other geofences are processed upon admin approval

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