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Employee Geo Punching


Dakar Punch Application ensures user to login from the assigned location and time. Easy for the Admin to trace the presence of off-site employees.


Admin will create the GeoFence based on the need and assign employees to it. GeoFence will restrict punching in and out.


Dakar Punch is super easy to use and keeps the record of the Punch In/Out of users. If the employee miss to punch In/Out, a manual request can be sent and only processed on the approval of admin.

Dakar Punch Module allows user to Punch In/Out from only assigned locations and time. The panel provides ability to create and assign Geofence. While the end user can login to Dakar Punch Mobile Application to Punch in and out of the assigned locations and send manual request.

Dakar Punch Admin Panel Key Features

  • Can create Geo Fence
  • Manage Employees
  • Can create Employee Schedule
  • Can assign geo fence to employees
  • Integrates with Dakar existing modules

Dakar Punch Mobile App Key Features

  • Ensures every user to have single device. If a person is login using one mobile device the same account cannot be used elsewhere, to make sure the person itself is marking in & out
  • Once a device is used for user A no other user can use the same device to login unless a request is sent to admin to change the device
  • Can view schedule
  • Can only Punch In/Out of the assigned Geo Fence
  • Can send manual request to Punch In/Out that is processed only after admin approval