Salaroo Internet Payroll

An easy to use, comprehensive, online payroll system at your fingertips
Salaroo Internet Payroll

Are you often away from the office and need to calculate your company's payroll?   Are you always in a rush to get to the office to run your payroll?  You need worry no more.  Salaroo is a Web-based payroll system allowing you to process your wages and salaries off site, from anywhere and at whatever time. Processing is performed in real time, ensuring full accuracy, flexibility and control.

Salaroo is a fully functional payroll system hosting all the features and facilities necessary to issue a complex payroll in minutes. It is designed for small to medium-sized companies employing up to a hundred employees.

Output functionality is not limited to the production of the payslip and mandatory Government reports. You can issue Payroll Analysis reports and the system also handles Direct Credit/SEPA  payments. It can also handle multiple company payrolls and leave management, and allows for the uploading of employee-related documents and photos.

Both processing and data, as well as backup, are hosted at Dakar’s secure environment at no installation, licence or maintenance charges. You only pay for each payslip produced.

Salaroo is the ideal solution for companies employing fifty employees or less, or for accountants offering clients a payroll bureau service.

Efficiency, simplicity and innovation. Over 300 local companies are using Salaroo.  Why not you? Go to for a free trial.

Or step through these video tutorials to see Salaroo at work.  Please click on each video's bottom right icon to view in Full Screen mode. 





  • Computation of any payroll frequency – monthly, four-weekly, fortnightly or weekly
  • Easy and friendly data capture
  • Production of mandatory Inland Revenue and Social Security reports
  • Web-based processing in real time
  • Prints or emails payslips
  • Prepares SEPA file/s for submission to paying bank
  • Multi-company payroll
  • Absence management
  • Dakar-hosted data, processing and backup
  • Document Management
  • Output reports to Excel, PDF, Winword DOC or RTF format
  • Payroll tax management
  • Tax form printing

Salaroo is extremely easy to use.  It's a system created for those who are looking for a clean, non-intimdating and logical approach, but with great power and underlying flexibility .  All you require is a computer, a laptop, an iPad, iPhone or mobile phone, with an internet connection.




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