Functionality far beyond simple payroll production and mandatory reporting

Dakar Payroll is the DakarHR suite’s flagship module. It is a fully user-definable package offering functionality far beyond simple payroll production and the running of mandatory employment reports.

The Dakar Payroll package provides you with a solution that can be tailored to your requirements, and tweaked to the ever-changing needs which come with people management. The main menu is fully user-definable and new fields, reports or commands can be created to address your specific requirements. In short, Dakar Payroll grows in tandem with your business.

One of Dakar Payroll’s strongest points is its analytical and reporting capabilities. Predefined yet fully customisable reports, together with inbuilt support for mail merging and query linking, ensure that the payroll executive and financial administrator get the most out of the information patterns lying untapped in your database.

In the world of Windows technology, critical system security issues are often overlooked. Not so with Dakar Payroll which enforces security levels to data, menus, windows, fields and audit trails.

Personnel management and payroll maintenance being inherently time-consuming processes, Dakar Payroll is specifically designed to meet the challenges of timely, accurate and cost-effective people management. With a set of reliable payroll processing algorithms and techniques, it ensures a mix of reliability and accuracy for your data.

Cost-efficiency in Dakar Payroll stems from simplified functionality built around the twin attributes of ease-of-use and flexibility. The ensuing benefits are a lower administrative bill and increased workforce productivity.

  • Computation of any payroll frequency – monthly, four-weekly, fortnightly or weekly
  • Easy and friendly data capture
  • Production of mandatory Inland Revenue and Social Security reports
  • In-depth reporting options with access to Dakar reporting tools for custom-built reports and queries
  • Handling of complex work patterns and schedules
  • Prints payslips and pay cheques, or carries out SEPA payments
  • Inbuilt cheque and payslip formatting capabilities for the design of customised formats
  • Scalability allowing for unlimited number of companies, employees and customisable allowance types
  • Custom-built pay computations allowing for complex what if scenarios
  • Comprehensive costing and budget tracking tools
  • Comparative multiple-year analysis
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual
  • Multiple bank account management
  • Provides for Fringe Benefits, Employee Loans, Tax Arrears, Cash Advances and Alimony
  • Integration across all Dakar modules
  • Interfacing with MS Office products and other third-party accounting packages 

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