Training (SOP)

Management of SOP document versions, and their automated email distribution and control
Training (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures are written instructions to achieve uniformity of performance of a specific function within an organization.  Dakar’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) application is a tool to assist management to ensure consistency of such uniformity. It is ideal for healthcare, aviation, education, industry and military organizations.  Dakar SOP manages the storage, version updates, distribution and reading of standard operating procedure documents employed in the company’s common business practices and tasks. It also manages SOP training and in fact comes as one package together with Dakar Training.

The package automates distribution of stored SOPs, whether by hand or email attachment, with the readers’ supervisors also being kept updated on distribution and reading progress by email message.

Each SOP record consists of a short descriptive title, full description, version number, date when it becomes operative and date of next review, author and issuer names and list of employees entitled to receipt and reading. A full distribution record of each SOP is also maintained.

Where Dakar SOPs leaves off, Dakar Training steps in for the creation, maintenance and delivery of ongoing training on procedures requiring it.

Packaged together, Dakar SOPs and Dakar Training offer a comprehensive SOP management, distribution and training system.

  • Assigns SOP needs, and supervisor and reading responsibilities
  • Implemenets appropriate SOP training programs
  • Links SOPs into a comprehensive document management and distribution system
  • Email alerting of staff with new SOPs or revised versions to which they are entitled
  • Control of SOP reading by the entitled staff
  • Email alerting of supervisory staff with reading progress

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