DakInet Online Systems

Enabling 24/7 personnel transaction handling over the company intranet, from anywhere
DakInet Online Systems

DakInet addresses the increasingly prevalent trend in HR management to host the handling of personnel transactions over the company intranet, by means of web portal or kiosks. By personnel management being accessible off-premises, absence management and all other personnel issues become available 24/7. Even when the user is in another company location, away on overseas business or outside office hours.

Dakinet’s web interface is fully user-customisable. It provides the user or administrator with the tools to drop utilities onto a canvas and create menus, screens and popup windows. These objects are uploadable onto the company’s web page in minutes, and user privileges and restrictions can be assigned as required.

DakInet’s online modules can be either independent DakInet-resident  components not forming part of the DakarHR suite, or DakarHR modules hosted off DakINet. All modules, whether standalone or DakarHR-owned, interface in real time with your database to ensure. This interfacing ensures your data views reflect what has just been added to the system, and that data creation or modification from your end is likewise instantaneously available to others.

DakInet’s fully secure user interface accepts an unlimited number of users who can be granted either full or restricted access. The principal restrictions rest at menu and screen level - menus and screens are designed with different views of the same information, and each user group is assigned its’ view. Security can also be assigned at record level where  users may for instance be restricted to views of colleagues, but not to those related to their superiors.

Click the Features button (above) for a full list of DakInet modules.

The Dakinet Online Modules

  • Dakar Online Payroll
  • Dakar Online Personnel
  • Dakar Online Training
  • Dakar Online Clockings Management
  • Dakar Online Overtime Management
  • Dakar Online Overtime Pre-approval
  • Dakar Online Recruitment
  • Dakar Online Leave Management
  • Dakar Online Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Dakar Online Dashboards
  • Dakar Online Alarms and Automated Tasks
  • Dakar Online Performance Appraisals

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