Employee Opinion Surveys

Create employee opinion surveys to poll employees satisfaction
Employee Opinion Surveys

This module offers your company tremendous benefits relating to job satisfaction, performance and ultimately business success.  It is commonly known that the extent of a company's efficiency and effectiveness is directly related to the satisfaction and motivation levels of its employees.  One way of identifying the level of satisfaction of your employees is to carry out an Employee Opinion Survey.

This module is web based and may be completed by a group of, or all, employees in the company from the privacy of their homes or from anywhere else.  This feature of privacy and anonymity is a key incentive for your employees to be honest and open and will consequently give you a clearer picture of the climate within your company.

The Dakar Online Opinion Survey has a standard and customizable set of questions, however this is completely user definable and you are free to design any questions you wish and also investigate any area you desire.  The information you will collate will be invaluable to your business.

  • Gauge your employees satisfaction and motivation online
  • Employee privacy and anonymity
  • User definable and customizable survey questions
  • Survey statistics

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