Dakar Profile


Ours is a successful strategy of growth through investment in research and development, partnerships and joint ventures. It is a consultancy-led approach with a large investment in developing service methodologies and tools. Our record since 1994 has been one of continuous growth, both in revenue and profits.  The company acts as systems integrator, offering turnkey solutions tailored to the individual client’s needs.

The strategy and mission has from inception been to provide total People Management solutions.  Since Dakar Software had grown into the market leader in the provision of total HR solutions, moving into Attendance Verification Systems was only a natural progression once the technology emerged.

Dakar Software is the only company in Malta that can provide a total seamless solution from attendance verification readers, or access control systems, right through to Payroll and Time & Attendance, providing complete automation of attendance verification, automatic overtime calculation and absence management.

We are committed to providing quality software and support to all its customers and this reputation for all-round service has made us the local market leaders for Human Resource solutions. Our Payroll system in particular has become a de facto standard and is used by most major organisations. We estimate that over 110,000 out of a gainfully occupied workforce of 147,000 employees (NSO statistics March 2011) are being paid through our payroll installations in Malta.

Our marketing strategy remains unchanged with the client being our best advertisement, and word of mouth our principal platform for continued sales.