Dakar Training

Manages training requirements to exploit your skills base and nurture certification
Dakar Training

Dakar Training is a fully-customisable package and comprehensively manages your training requirements with attention to the smallest detail. It enables what is one of the most crucial functions in any human resources operation... providing the workforce with the skills and certification necessary to drive the enterprise forward. It manages, analyses and nurtures an organisation’s skills base apart from monitoring training provision, whether inhouse or outsourced, and the level of service.

The Dakar Training main menu is fully user-definable and its layout modifiable. Customised fields, reports or commands can be created to address your specific requirements. Moreover, the system comes with a set of predefined reports but these are fully customisable and new ones can be compiled by any one of a number of report builders.

DakarHR’s inbuilt support for mail merging and query linking, together with its advanced data handling capabilities, ensures that training administrators can automate routine and time-consuming queries and correspondence. It also addresses critical security issues at data, menu, window, field and audit trail.

Dakar Training provides the functionality for your career development framework by tracking employee progress through every level of competence assigned to their prerequisites profile.

  • Training Needs analysis
  • Training Gap identification
  • Employee training plans
  • Role-based competences framework
  • Prerequisite profiling
  • Training attendance records
  • Training evaluation
  • Training provider, training supplies and venues management
  • Training costs and budget management
  • Course and delegate costs breakdowns
  • Report generation tools
  • Full integration across all DakarHR modules
  • Interfacing with MS Office products

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