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Important notice for BOV customers undertaking payroll using Dakar software

As a result of BOV upgrading their systems as of 1st January 2020, please note that the subscriber ID / SEPA ID code given by BOV is now case sensitive. Only upper case is allowed in the system.

Please check that all subscriber ID / SEPA ID codes are expressed as capitals/upper case.
As an example: if the code was ‘DAK001’, it should not be entered as ‘dak001’.
Failure to apply this change will result in the file not being processed by the bank. Employees may not be paid.

The following guidance is for Dakar users.

For clients with access to the back end, please check the field highlighted below in red located under Company Details > Banks tab.

Subscriber ID / SEPA ID

For clients with access to the web version, please check the field highlighted in red below located under Company Details > Bank (Primary) tab

Bank SEPA ID - payroll

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